Remove HTML-code

Removing/finding HTML-code using regular expressions: SELECT regexp_replace(name, ‘<.*?>’)  name_without_tags FROM table WHERE regexp_like(name, ‘<.*?>’)    

Close Child Window

Closing a child (pop) window called by using javascript. Parent javascript:“″,””,”location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=no, resizable=1,width=700,height=500″); window.onunload = function() { if (popup && !popup.closed) { popup.close(); } };

Refresh (plsql) Region Apex

A classic report in APex can be refreshed dynamically. A pl/sql region is more difficult, you must do this by using an application proces. Create a plsql region calling a procedure/package with htp.p-commands. IE <div id=HK3>xcvxvxvxvc</div> BEGIN show_data; END; create Read more…