Generate action after closing dialog

You have a page and call a modal page. In that modal page you insert/delete or do something and you want the parent page to refresh. Add dynamic action on parent page which reacts on event Close Dialog Add process in modal page (Close dialog)

Remove X from dialog page

Sometime you want to force users not ‘just’ to close the dialog by a ‘x’, but by a button with some actions in the background. To remove the X you have to add CSS-code in the parent page: button.ui-button.ui-corner-all.ui-widget.ui-button-icon-only.ui-dialog-titlebar-close { visibility: hidden !important; display:none; }

Download from database

htp.init; — The mime header indicates what the type of the file is (browser will react on that) owa_util.mime_header(r_bfe.filetype, false); — use Content-Disposition: attachment to open a dialog box or inline to open in place htp.p(‘Content-disposition: attachment; filename=’||r_bfe.filename); htp.p(‘Content-length:’||dbms_lob.getlength(r_bfe.content) ); owa_util.http_header_close; — Write the BLOB to a browser session ( Read more…

Remove HTML-code

Removing/finding HTML-code using regular expressions: SELECT regexp_replace(name, ‘<.*?>’)  name_without_tags FROM table WHERE regexp_like(name, ‘<.*?>’)    

Close Child Window

Closing a child (pop) window called by using javascript. Parent javascript:“″,””,”location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=no, resizable=1,width=700,height=500″); window.onunload = function() { if (popup && !popup.closed) { popup.close(); } };

Parameterized views

Sometimes it would be easy to have a view which is parameterized. One of the options is to use sys_context. Another option is to makeuse of a pipelined function. Example package CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE okps_preop_tst IS TYPE outrec_typ IS RECORD ( id      , dossier_type      pof_dossiers.dsr_type%TYPE, dossier_nr        pof_dossiers.dossier_nr%TYPE, dossier_datum     pof_dossiers.dossier_datum%TYPE, Read more…

Background color region

To change the background color of a region assign a static ID to the region and add CSS-styles in top of the page. To color the background with a certain opacity without effect on foreground text use this code: <style> #Tmp1{ background: rgba(200, 54, 54, 0.5); } } </style> The Read more…